Habana® Gaudi® v1.1 Documentation


Major updates to the documents are summarized in Documentation Updates.

Before you Get Started: Be sure to read the Release Notes before installing or upgrading to 1.1.x to learn about new features and limitations.

Getting Started

SynapseAI User Guides

AWS Quick Start Guide

  • Habana Base AMI - Provides guides and instructions for how to set up a Habana Deep Learning AMI on Amazon EC2 services, and provides release notes for the Habana image.

  • AWS Distributed Quick Start Training - Describes how to run distributed training workloads on multiple DL1 Instances for AWS users.

  • AWS Software Update for Habana - Describes how to manage the Habana SynapseAI® software suite upgrades on AWS DL1 instances.

TPC User Guides

API Reference Guides