1. Getting Started Guide Launch EC2 with Habana

1.1. Summary

This document provides guides and instructions for how to set up a Habana Deep Learning AMI on Amazon EC2 services, and provides release notes for the Habana image.

Habana makes available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform three different VMIs, known within the AWS ecosystem as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). These are Deep Learning optimized AMIs for AWS instances with Habana Training Gaudi Cards. These Images contain Habana Drivers, Habana Firmware, and Docker.

  • Base Habana Deep Learning AMI for Ubuntu 18.04

  • Base Habana Deep Learning AMI for Ubuntu 20.04

  • Base Habana Deep Learning AMI for Amazon Linux 2

For those familiar with the AWS platform, the process of launching the instance is as simple as logging in, selecting the Habana AMI of choice, configuring settings as needed, then launching the VM. After launching the VM, you can SSH into it and start building a host of AI applications in deep learning, machine learning and data science by leveraging the Gaudi Hardware to achieve optimal accelerated training and development.

1.2. Prerequisites

These instructions assume the following:

1.3. Getting Started

Perform these preliminary setup task before creating a EC2 Instance. This ensures a level of network security to prevent unwanted intruders.

  1. Create a Virtual Private Cloud (Get started with Amazon VPC)

    1. Follow only Step 1: Creating the VPC

  2. Create a Security Group for VPC (Create a Security Group)

    1. Follow Authorize inbound traffic for your Linux instances to get access to the EC2 Instance

1.4. Create an EC2 Instance

Follow this guide Get Started with Amazon EC2 Linux to learn how to create an EC2 Instance. Once ready, choose the Habana Base AMI in order to create a Deep Learning EC2 Instance.

1.5. Pull Habana Docker Images

Follow the guide located at https://github.com/HabanaAI/Setup_and_Install/tree/r1.1.0#pull-and-run-commands to pull and run the Habana Docker Images for TensorFlow and PyTorch.

1.6. Release Notes for Habana Amazon Machine Images on AWS

Habana Deep Learning Base AMI provides a foundational platform for deep learning on Amazon EC2 instances with Habana® Gaudi® and Docker. The Habana Gaudi processor is designed to maximize training throughput and efficiency, while providing developers with optimized software and tools that scale to many workloads and systems.

This AMI is suitable for deploying your own custom deep learning environment at scale.

The Habana Deep Learning Base AMI is provided at no additional charge to Amazon EC2 users.

Below are the core components of Habana Deep Learning Base AMI:

  • Habana SynapseAI®

  • Containerization platforms including Docker and habanalabs-container-runtime to run Gaudi accelerated Docker containers.

For an in depth guide of getting started with Gaudi follow the guides located at https://developer.habana.ai/resources/getting-started-with-gaudi/

1.6.1. Versioning

Refer to the Release Notes of the Gaudi Architecture and Software. Image Name

Available Operating Systems

  • Base AMI:

    • Habana Base AMI Ubuntu 18.04

    • Habana Base AMI Ubuntu 20.04

    • Habana Base AMI Amazon Linux 2 Habana Base Deep Learning AMI Packages

Packages installed in the Habana Base AMI.

  • habanalabs-dkms

  • habanalabs-firmware

  • habanalabs-firmware-tools

  • habanalabs-container-runtime

  • habanalabs-thunk

  • habanalabs-graph

  • Docker Software