hl_qual Common Plugin Switches and Parameters

The hl_qual is a command line based tool where each test variant is run from a command line terminal. Passing parameters to the hl_qual and the other test plugins is done through command line switches and parameters.

The hl_qual and test plugins switches and parameters are partitioned into two groups:

  • Common switches and parameters - These parameters are identical for all test plugins.

  • Test plugins specific switches and parameter - These are unique parameters for each test plugin.

The following lists of switches and parameters are applicable to all test plugins. The below sections further describe all switches and parameters according to the test plugins outlined in hl_qual Design.

-gaudi -gaudi2 -c <all or PCI bus id list> -rmod <serial | parallel>  [-dis_mon] [-mon_cfg <monitor INI path>]
      [-pl_cfg <plugin INI config path>] [-enable_serr] [-dmesg] [-disable_pipe_red]


All the applicable switches are shown in the examples below; optional switches or parameters are placed within square brackets.

Switch Type

Switch name


Device identification switch

-gaudi or -gaudi2

Indicates that a first-gen Gaudi or Gaudi2 device should be detected and used for testing.

./hl_qual -gaudi|-gaudi2 -c all -rmod parallel -t 20 -f2
 - l extreme


  • Choosing -gaudi or -gaudi2 is mandatory.

  • The user can specify only one device switch in a single hl_qual command line.

  • Whenever a test is not supported by a device, it will be stated in the command line description and section title.

Disable Monitor Screen Printout Switch


Stops the monitor printout to the screen. This option is useful when running hl_qual inside a script.

./hl_qual -gaudi -dis_mon -c all -rmod parallel -t 20 -f2
- l extreme

Note: Data sampling of different values such as power, clock and temperature is still carried out but not displayed in the user screen.

Changing Monitor configuration INI File Switch

-mon_cfg <path to monitor config file>

Enables using a different monitor configuration file instead of the default monitor.ini.

./hl_qual -gaudi -c all -mon_cfg my_mon.ini -rmod serial
 -t 20 -p -b

Device PCI bus id Identification Switch

-c <pci bus id>

Allows specifying Habana devices under test bus ids. There are two applicable formats:

  • all - Meaning all operational devices for the tested server for example, must be aligned with the definition Device Identification Switch:

    ./hl_qual  -gaudi -c all -rmod serial -t 20 -b -p
  • comma delimited bus ID list - All bus ids in the list Device Identification Switch, for example:

    ./hl_qual -gaudi -c 0000:07:00.0,0000:08:00.0 -rmod serial
     -t 20 -p -b

Note: In the comma delimited bus ID list, avoid using spaces between the comma and the bus ID strings.

Test Running Mode

-rmod <running mode>

Specifies the running mode on the available Habana devices. There are two applicable modes:

  • parallel- The plugin under test will be executed on all available devices at the same time, for example:

    ./hl_qual -gaudi -c all -rmod parallel -t 20 -f2 -l extreme
  • serial- The plugin under test will be run on one device

    at a time.

    ./hl_qual -gaudi -c all -rmod serial -t 20 -f2 -l extreme

Enable Memory Error Monitoring Switch


Enables hl_qual SERR/DERR counter check, which verifies that no single ECC error or double error occurs while running the plugins. hl_qual reads the memory error indication via HLML library.

./hl_qual -gaudi -dis_mon -c all -rmod parallel -t 20
-f2 -l extreme -enable_serr

Disable Standard Output Pipelining Switch


Disables the runner standard output redirection to the message pipe. This is significant when using logs directed to the screen or any other debug printouts. By default, when enabling console logs, the standard output redirection is automatically disabled. For further information, refer to hl_qual Failure Debug.

./hl_qual -gaudi -dis_mon -c all -rmod parallel -t 20
-f2 -l extreme -disable_pipe_red

Enable Concatenation of dmesg Log


Appends the dmesg report to hl_qual report. The dmesg report is accumulated for the duration of the test.

./hl_qual -gaudi -dis_mon -c all -rmod parallel -t 20 -f2
-l extreme -dmesg

Getting Help

The following command line prints out a usage help message on screen:

./hl_qual -h

The message includes specific hl_qual switches as well as the switches of all available and loaded plugins.


Figure 26 hl_qual and Plugin Usage Printout