Profiler User Guide┬Â

Users familiar with TensorBoard who develop with TensorFlow can start using the respective profiler similar to GPU or TPU. The only change required is substituting HPU for GPU in your sources. No extra guide nor additional readings are required. You will enjoy near GPU-like experience when training your model on HPU. Most users will use the TensorBoard with TensorFlow and utilize the framework for both model development and profiling.

A short outline of the basic steps for TensorFlow can be found in Profiling with TensorFlow.

Users interested in low-level focused profiling as well as those writing their models in SynapseAI® language without framework can refer to SynapseAI Profiler User Guide.


For details on the profiling control flow, refer to Profiling Architecture. For further training acceleration, see Profiling Tips and Tricks.


In this chapter, the terms step and batch are used interchangeably unless told otherwise.