TPC Intrinsics Guide

The Intel® Gaudi® TPC CLANG compiler is based on the widely used LLVM open-source compiler infrastructure project. TPC CLANG compiles TPC -C/C++ language in which the intrinsic functions are a part of. This gives access to the full power of the Intel Gaudi ISA, while allowing the compiler to optimize register allocation and instruction scheduling for faster execution. Most of these functions are associated with a single VLIW instruction, although some may generate multiple instructions or different instructions depending on how they are used.

The intrinsic function naming convention consists of instruction name, instruction data type, return data type width, scalar/vector properties of its arguments and predicate values. For more details, refer to Intrinsics in TPC User Guide.

TPC Intrinsics Header

For more information on TPC Intrinsics, refer to the headers listed below: