hl_qual Report Structure


The hl_qual generates a test report composed of few sub reports. The name of the report file includes:

  • Tested server name.

  • The string: hl_qual_report.

  • Time stap including date and time.

For example, k501-u18-001-dev_hl_qual_report_Sat_Dec_4_09-15-16_2021.log.

Device Identification Report

This report contains the PCI bus ID of all identified devices according to the devices switch entered, for example: -gaudi. It contains device status reports that verify if the device is in operation state. If the the hl_qual finds that a certain device is not in operation state, the test will not be executed.


Figure 30 Device Identification Report

HL-SMI Short Report

This report contains an IDLE power/utilization information and mapping between PCI bus ID and index/module_id/serial/driver_version. See the figure below:


Figure 31 HL-SMI short report

NUMA Node Report

The report contains the identified NUMA nodes, CPU sets and allocation of Habana devices per NUMA node. If the tested server contains a single NUMA node, the NUMA node allocation considerations in CPU to device allocation will not exist.


When running on a virtual machine, usually the NUMA node data is not reflected correctly between the bare-metal machine and the VM.


Figure 32 NUMA Node Report

HL-QUAL version and Command Line Report

Reports the hl_qual package version and specifies the command line that used.


Figure 33 Command Line Report

Tested Device Report

The report contains the following information data:

  • The specific data of the device: serial number, PCB assembly version, device name.

  • The time the test starts and stops.

  • Internal test plugin data accumulated during the test run, such as pass/fail data, general test stages.


Figure 34 Device Test Report

Closing Report

The report contains the following items:

  • General statistics and metrics report gathered during the duration of the test, such as power usage, clocks and temperature.

  • Pass/fail report per tested device.

  • General pass/fail report.


Figure 35 Closing Report