Habana Collective Communications Library (HCCL) is Habana’s emulation layer of the NVIDIA Collective Communication Library (NCCL) and is included in the SynapseAI® Software library.

HCCL provides the same list of collective communication primitives as NCCL, imitating the NCCL interface for user convenience. HCCL also allows for point-to-point communication.

The following lists the supported collective primitives:

  • AllReduce

  • Broadcast

  • Reduce

  • AllGather

  • ReduceScatter

  • Send (P2P)

  • Recv (P2P)

HCCL has been written for seamless integration with Habana TensorFlow modules. It allows sharing device ownership and synchronization mechanism with Habana TensorFlow modules. It also provides a function set for interacting with the device (moving data, allocating memory, etc.)