Generate Address

Represents GEN_ADDR instruction.

Load local

Represents LD_L instruction.

Loads a scalar value from MMIO or SLM(Scalar Local Memory) into a SRF.

Load local vector

Represents LD_L_V instruction.

Loads a vector from VLM(Vector Local Memory) into a VRF

Load local vector high

Represents LD_L_V_HIGH instruction.

Load local vector low

Represents LD_L_V_LOW instruction.

Load Global

Represents LD_G instruction. Loads a single scalar value from global memory, if the destination is a vector register, the value is being replicated across all lanes.

Load a value from the given address. If the value is stored into a VRF then the same value is broadcasted to the entire vector register.

Load Tensor

Represents LD_TNSR instruction.

Loads a vector register with the values from the given tensor based on specified index values.

Load tensor using PARTIAL switch

Represents LD_TNSR instruction with PARTIAL switch. Loads elements from global memory into a subset of vector lanes.

Load tensor high

Represents LD_TNSR_HIGH instruction.

Load tensor low

Represents LD_TNSR_LOW instruction.