Preparation For Running Docker Image on OCP-based Host

  1. Since CoreOS is a restricted system, an overlay mount is required as /lib/firmware and /usr are read-only partitions:

sudo mkdir -p "$modules" "$modules.wd" mkdir -p /opt/habana/habanalabs/gaudi/
sudo mount -o "lowerdir=/lib/firmware,upperdir=$modules,workdir=$modules.wd" -t overlay overlay /lib/firmware


To make this mount persistent, adding the following configuration to rc.local settings is recommended:

sudo vi /etc/rc.local
sudo mkdir -p "$modules" "$modules.wd"
sudo mount -o "lowerdir=/lib/firmware,upperdir=$modules,workdir=$modules.wd" -t overlay overlay /lib/firmware
  1. Assign proper permissions for rc.local system file:

sudo chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.local
  1. Make sure basic operations on OCP host are working properly.

    1. Run the below command for list of running cluster:

    oc get nodes

    Expected output:

    rhel8.6-ocp   Ready   master,worker   92d   v1.22.3+4dd1b5a


    In the above output, the status must be “Ready”. Otherwise, the rest of the procedure may not function properly.

    1. Run the below command to verify all pods are working properly.

    sudo oc get pods -A

    Expected output:

    The below is only an extract taken from the expected output. The pods status must be either Completed or Running.

    NAMESPACE                                          NAME                                                         READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
    assisted-installer                                 assisted-installer-controller-vtgtq                          0/1     Completed   0          62m
    openshift-apiserver-operator                       openshift-apiserver-operator-5f747d9d56-2h5kh                1/1     Running     2          55m