OpenShift (OCP) User Guide

OpenShift provides an efficient and manageable way to orchestrate deep learning workloads at scale. This document describes the steps required to setup a generic OpenShift based solution for an on-premise setup based on CoreOS Host configuration.


  • OpenShift (OCP) installed on the Host is based on RHEL8.6. It is no longer supported on CentOS8.3 due to End Of Life.

  • RHEL8.6 subscription is required. Follow the OCP based host setup instructions in Create an OpenShift Cluster.

Habana provides the following components needed for deploying a generic Kubernetes solution:

  • Docker Image needed to build and load the habanalabs driver.

  • SynapseAI software packages required to install and load FW and habanalabs driver. See Installation Guide.

  • Device Plug in for Kubernetes. See Kubernetes User Guide.

The above components except Docker Image are available for download and use in the Habana Vault .

The following sections detail the steps required and provide implementation examples:

For details on OpenShift, refer to OpenShift documentation.